4 Tips For Commuting Into London!

London is a fantastic place to work in terms of career opportunities, however for many people, living in the city isn’t viable and they need to commute for work. So, if you’re not finding your current commute to be suitable, or you’re about to start commuting, then you’re in the right place! Whether you end up using the tube or choosing Knightsbridge parking, we’re here to offer you some tips to make the process slightly more simple for you. Of course there will be busy days, as that’s the nature of commuting into London, but hopefully this will make things that bit easier. So, let’s get into it!

Avoid Travelling in Peak Hours

This is easier said than done, but if there is any way to avoid travelling in the peak hours (7:30-9am and 5pm-7pm), it will make all the difference to your commute. We have a few hacks to help you do this! For example, say you currently wake up and go to the gym near home, then head into work. You could look for a gym nearer to work, then get the tube to your office or choose parking in central London, and go to the gym there!

You could start your commute at 6:30am, go to the gym and get ready for work, and it will make your commute so much easier. The same goes for the evening. Instead of getting the tube home at 5:30pm and having a busy and stressful commute, go to the gym in the evening in London then commute home closer to 7pm.

Utilise Your Time

Something that many people find stressful about the commute is the fact that they find it difficult to make use of their time. So, you should consider different ways to utilise it! Things like listening to podcasts or audio books, reading if you’re on public transport, getting an extra half an hour of work in or even just taking the time to listen to some of your favourite music. Think about the different ways you can do something useful or something that you enjoy with your time, and your commute will seem much shorter. Try out some different things and see what you enjoy, then it will soon become a part of your routine.

Walk Part Of The Way

Our favourite tip when it comes to your commute is to walk part of the way! This will save you money as you could park slightly further out or walk out into zone 2 or 3 for the tube, it will reduce stress as you spend less time on busy public transport or in traffic and it can help you to unwind too. Plus, it’s a great way to prioritise your health when you might be stuck behind a desk all day. If you do this twice a day everyday, you’ll be shocked at just how much of a difference it makes to how you feel. This simple change can transform your commute, so give it a go and you’ll soon be hooked, trust us!