6 Best places to visit by car in England

England has many different landscapes, with a great variety of nature and architecture. England is there for best explored by travelling by car.

It makes a good road trip for a vacation across the country and the good thing is that it is affordable.

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Here are my top 10 places to visit by car in England.

1. Oxford

Oxford is just about a two-hour drive from the capital London.

It is not only known for academia but also for its architecture.

Many of the old buildings are churches built from the Christian denomination dating back centuries ago.

It has a serene environment and great coffee shops all across the city.

2. Cambridge

I should make it clear disclaimer that the numbering of this article does not in any way denote the dominance of one city over the other.

Now that that is out of the way Cambridge is yet another beautiful city in the academic-orientated and with beautiful architecture.

The selling point of the city is the chapels, gardens, museums and libraries.

3. The lake district

Travellers who would rather engage with nature than history will love a visit to lake City.

The lake district is not only a good place to see but also to get active.

The lake district is the perfect place to go paddleboarding, explore the lake district, get on a boat and enjoy the water among other activities.

The landscape and nature of this place have made it into UNESCO’s list of protected sites.

4. Stones of Stonehenge

One of you guys’ most popular spots for tourists is the Stone of Stonehenge.

This is a place you might have seen in movies and landscape photography and art on the internet.

I would like to get more into the history of stones of Stonehenge by then, you should pay a visit and get to learn firsthand.

5. The Battle of Britain Memorial

The UK is a country that is rich in history.

There’s no better place to tell the story of Britain’s soldiers than the Battle of Britain memorial dedicated to all those lives that were lost in the second world war.

6. The tower bridge

Of course, I was not going to end the article without the famous London Tower bridge.

Build-in 1886 and completed 8 years later the Tower bridge screams history, art, design, incredible workforce, you name it.

Many years later it is a signature tourist attraction for the capital.