7 Essential Things to Pack in Your Carry-On

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Your carry-on is the closest luggage to you on a trip. It’s where you put the items you will need quick and easy access to. If packed well, it can help you spend less on baggage and keep important items safe with you.

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7 Essential Things to Pack in Your Carry-On

1. Your Valuables

Just like the name implies, these are items like your passport, personal or financial documents, jewelry, and so on. There is a huge possibility that the baggage handlers could handle your luggage roughly and destroy some valuable items in your bag.

There’s also the possibility of luggage theft or tampering. Items could be stolen. The last thing you want to discover after a long trip or flight is that a valuable item has gone missing or has been destroyed.

2. Your Comfort Items

Long flights or trips can be boring and mind-breaking. To minimize or stop this from occurring, remember to take along your comfort items. Think of books and or magazines to read all the way. Create an awesome playlist of your favorite songs to listen to on a device.

Bringing along a portable DVD player to play and watch box-office movies. Make your body comfortable by adding a blanket to ward off the chills and a neck pillow for your neck. Snacks and bottled water are necessary if kids are with you on the trip.

3. Important Medications

Having your medications in your carry-on is a wise move. It ensures that you quickly and easily reach for them when you need them. In an emergency, people nearby can help you get to them fast. Request that an official carries out a physical screening of your medications if the X-ray machine has the potential of damaging their efficacy.

Some medical kits should be included. Examples include a Blood Sugar Test kit for diabetics and compression socks for pregnant women, older travelers and those with a history of blood clots that could lead to Deep Vein Thrombosis.

4. Cards And Cash

Having your ATM and credit cards handy in your carry-on gives you fast access to use them when you need to.

5. Toilet Bag and Change of Clothing

If your flight has a stopover or is delayed, you will need to freshen up. Having a toilet bag containing toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, clothes and underwear is a good addition to your carry-on.

6. Face masks and Sanitizers

Our world has become more health-conscious than ever. Countries demand that airlines ask travelers to have face masks on throughout flights. Hand Sanitizers are important as you move about the plane or from one place to another at your destination.

7. Passport, IDs and Travel Itinerary

You can be asked to show your travel itinerary and a means of identification, sort from your passport, at some airports to verify your purpose for visiting a country.

Putting these items in your carry-on saves your mind and body the stress of the journey.

By Suryeon