How to choose an instant hot water tap or dispenser

Do you want instant boiling water for your cup of tea? You may want to consider getting a hot faucet that is plumbed into the mains or a freestanding hot water dispenser. Every option comes at a reasonable price, but they claim to make boiling water easier, more convenient, and that they will use less energy. Our buying guide helps with everything you need to know when it comes to choosing one.

Get started

It is true that you can buy fast boilers these days, but if you want the latest in kitchen equipment, a hot water dispenser will give you a steaming hot cup of tea at the touch of a button and in a few seconds.

Speed ​​is clearly one of the main advantages of the table displays, as many claim average speeds four times faster than a conventional kettle. And then you will also save energy.

One of the most important features that appeals to large households, or if you entertain a lot, is the capacity of many of these machines. Some come with a capacity of 2.5L that fills up to 10 cups at a time. But you will also find less compact models that will not take up much space on your work surface if space is an issue.

By Suryeon