Things To Know About Wineries In France

France is the undisputed wine capital of the world. It doesn’t matter what kind either; white wine or red wine, the rich soil and mild climate encourage the production of all kinds of wines. The quality of the wine is what draws people in.

The wine regions of France are dotted with sprawling vineyards and regal chateaus, some of which have been making wine for centuries. If you are planning a visit to France, Paris is not the only attraction in the country. Here are some interesting things to know about French wineries.

The Wines Are Named After The Regions They Come From

Many of the names used to identify different wines are the names of the different regions themselves. Champagne is more than simply a sparkling wine for parties and celebrations. Champagne is a massive wine region in northern France. The soil is chalky, and the grapes grown from Champagne vineyards are fruity and flavorful, which is what becomes the famous champagne wine known all over the world.

The Vineyards Are Numerous And Diverse

The wine industry is massive in France. There are more than 27,000 wineries in France, producing some 200 different varieties of wine. The most famous regions are 7 or 9, depending on who you ask. There are many regions, though, including on the island of Corsica.

Each region has its specialty wines. Different climates and soil types lead to the production of the different wines. Generally, white wines come from the northern regions, close to the slopes of the Alps. The regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea produce the rich red wines.

There Is A History Behind Each Winery

Most of the older wineries are built in chateaus. Some of them have been in use since the 15th  or 16th  century. In fact, the oldest known winery in France dates back to the year 1000, meaning it is over 1,000 years old. Many chateaus have significance in the history of France. A few of the most famous wineries have museums and guided tours you can visit.

Italy may have France beat on the total volume of wine production. However, for quality, prestige, and fame, everybody knows good wine is synonymous with the French countryside. For more information, see

By Suryeon