Tips for Learning English

Want to speak English quickly but don’t want to take a course? It’s really possible! You can try how to learn English which Indozone has summarized below.

Use the browser to find english learning

Need 24-hour help learning English? Just search the English learning on your phone!
You will get lots of new vocabulary every day and learn educational videos in a fun way.
Some English learning web that you can visit is kampung inggris online, you can visit that everywhere and anywhere.

Listen to English Songs

If so far you rarely listen to English songs, from now on try listening to English songs that are currently viral.
You can find popular English songs through music apps, then read the lyrics.
If there is a song lyric that you don’t recognize, look for the meaning immediately. Guaranteed your English skills will definitely improve!

Watch English Subtitle Movies

Do you like watching movies? It’s time for you to watch movies with English subtitles!
This method is proven to be able to improve your listening and reading skills quickly, you know.
If you find a vocabulary that is difficult, just pause the video then write it down and look for the meaning in Indonesian. It’s easy?

Read English Articles

The way to learn English quickly that you can try is to start reading English articles.
It doesn’t need to be long, you can read short articles on topics you like.
Especially now that there are so many English articles that can be accessed online.

Chat in English

Well, the next step you can try to learn English is to get used to chatting in English.
So, if you are still shy about having an English conversation, you can send an English message.
Make sure the person receiving your chat understands English better, so he or she can correct your mistakes.

Write in English

It doesn’t have to be formal writing, instead, start with simple writings that are easy for you to do.
For example, writing a status on social media, writing a photo upload caption, writing a to do list, or writing a poem.
Ignore the grammar for a moment, focus on what you want to express. Make sure you write every day, okay?

Play English Games

An exciting way that you can try to learn English next is playing English games.
You can try games that use English, such as scrabble, hangman, and find words.
Besides being able to be played directly with friends, this game is also available on your mobile application, just download it!

Practice Conversation with Friends

What’s the point of learning listening and reading, if you haven’t spoken yet. Speaking in a foreign language will train your brain to think.
This method will make your brain accustomed to processing language and translating it, so that your skills improve.
That way, you will respond to questions faster and find the answers in English.

Sing English Song

After you learn to listen to English songs, it’s time for you to sing!
Follow the music of your favorite song, then sing the lyrics with the right pronunciation.
That way, you will slowly get used to saying English words.

Use English on Your Phone

Come on, from now on, change the language settings on your phone to English! The same applies to the applications you use.
This step really helps you find foreign words that you don’t understand.
Don’t miss it, take notes and find out the meaning, so that your vocabulary mastery will increase.

English Course

English courses with experienced teachers give you the opportunity to learn English in a different and more effective approach. As is known, English is a very important skill nowadays. We need it in various ways such as for work, while traveling and also other things. Mastering English will be an advantage that we can get. Well, kampung inggris provides English courses from zero to advanced. You don’t have to worry about your English skills, after coming to an kampung inggris.

By Suryeon