Traveling To Egypt on a Private Tour with Family and Children

A vacation with children should be well planned. After all, it’s no longer just about having a relaxed and historical time, but also being able to offer the children entertainment, diversity, education and variety. What country could be better suited for this than Egypt? Starting with excellent hotel complexes that offer varied programs for the whole family to unforgettable activities such as boat trips on the Red Sea or a desert safari, there are really countless things that make children’s hearts beat faster when you choose an amazing Private Tour Packages of Egypt.

Why is Egypt suitable for a vacation with children?

If you want to get a little further out and enjoy a country where the sun shines all year round, Egypt is a good choice. The flight to the tropical country takes just around 10 hours. Children can endure this pleasant time. There are also strong offers in the Quality and Luxury Tours of Egypt and Dubai. Egypt is one of the affordable luxury holiday destinations that are a little further away. Especially if you have a large family, you can spend a charming vacation here for reasonable money.

While Egypt has been heavily criticized in recent years because of the local security, the country has gigantic hotel complexes that offer everything one would expect from a vacation. You will get your money’s worth, especially in archeology and the historical regions, because there are additional exciting activities that you can do with children. The safety of your family is in the best of hands and it is Egypt Tours utmost concern and priority.

Excursions for Real Adventurers

Your family is into a real adventure and loves to go on a journey of discovery? Well then! For this case, too, Egypt has a lot in store for you and your loved ones. The country’s history is rich and one of the oldest in the world, and has one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Therefore, you have the unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the legendary pharaohs during your vacation!

Even if you have decided on a vacation to Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh, day trips to the great pyramids or temples of Luxor can easily be organized in Luxury and Deluxe Nile Cruises. Egypt Tours can help you plan, customize and implement such an excursion or complete tour. If you have ever been to Egypt, take the opportunity to head to the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx in Giza. Lots of history, culture and breath-taking architectural masterpieces await here. You will be visiting the cradle of civilization.

Book Your Private Tour Package of Egypt through a Tour Operator

How can you best plan and put together your vacation? The easiest option is actually to book the entire package through a tour operator. You usually get a complete package here, including flights, luxury and deluxe hotels, and tours and activities operated privately. This way, you don’t need to worry about anything because everything is already organized for you and your family. You just follow the directions on your itinerary, that what we call hassle-free touring.

Another benefit that a tour operator brings you is pricing. These can compete with meagre prices because they offer complete packages, cooperate with many local providers, consolidators, and depend on volume to receive discounts. So don’t wait any longer and book the family vacation of a lifetime now!

Egypt luxury Nile Cruises and Deluxe Nile Cruises

The Deluxe-Superior Nile Cruises focus on the areas between Luxor and Aswan. A recommended trip to go with children, getting them immersed into Egyptology.

There is not much distance between the two cities, about 160 miles, covered in four days of navigation. During the luxury Nile cruise, you can see a few archaeological sites like (Edfu, Kom Ombo), but, after having visited Luxor or Aswan, one is exhausted from so much sites and archaeology, so a couple of relaxing days are a grand-finale to wash-off the exhaustion, watching the passing of life on the East as we as the West banks of the Nile and the sunsets.

Cairo and Luxor Private Tour Packages

Traveling is living, and it is time to do it now, with Cairo and Luxor Private Tour Packages discovering its historical beauty with Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel. Plus the unique turquoise sea in Sharm El Sheikh and Sinai. Your experience will be complete by having a private guide and receiving the attention you deserve throughout your stay.

Customized Tour Packages of Egypt and Jordan

Enter the heart of the Hashemite kingdom, in the middle of the Middle East. Full of treasures, Jordan is like its many monuments and the sumptuous remains of ancient civilizations, another one of the seven wonders of the ancient World. Let yourself be tempted by a historical journey, from one mesmerizing corner to another, on an unforgettable trip to Petra, Jerash, Ajlun, or Um Qeis in Jordan. Why not take advantage of this Jordan trip to develop a combined Jordan Israel trip? Contact our expert travel advisers to work out a tailor-made trip to Jordan that suits you: indulge in Private Jordan luxury tour package, including luxury hotels in both Egypt and Jordan while staying at luxuryunique and historical properties.

Egypt and Kenya Tour

Tailor-made travel is undoubtedly the most current and popular form of travel during this time of a pandemic. You travel as a couple or as a family with a private guide and a driver, respecting all health instructions. Therefore, whether your dream is to go on a safari in Kenya or Kenya and Egypt, descend the Nile on a historic stay in Egypt, we will help you make it come true, with the right number of days, and the acceptable in-depth sightseeing!

You just have to contact us. Once we know your wishes, we will create a personalized custom tour adapted to your taste, your budget, and according to the desired level of comfort.

The world is before you, open with its many opportunities!

Egypt and Dubai Tours

A trip to the East is the promise of living a stay marked by history, in the noblest sense of the term. Cradle of civilizations, the birthplace of the great monotheistic religions, and this region of the globe is a veritable open-air museum. Leave aside the books to experience history! Traveling in the East is also discovering nature with a capital N, indomitable and sometimes impenetrable. The landscapes of the East are indeed raw, wild, extreme, and consequently majestic and exotic. From deserts to mountains and from the Nile to the Red Sea, this region is rich in colours, history and surprises. This destination is also that of the beauty of the human being. Land of authenticity and hospitality, the Egypt and Dubai Tours are a human experience in itself.

Final Words

Rest assured, Egypt is an ideal destination to travel with children, not only for the unbeatable price/experience ratio but also for its valuable heritage and all that it offers when traveling as a family.

Our circuits exclusively go through the tourist areas, both in Cairo and on the Nile cruise. In this way, we offer you a Private Tour Package of Egypt that is the most complete experience without missing anything essential. During this family tour through Egypt, stroll through the largest spice market in Cairo, the Bazaar of Khan El Khalili, and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this fascinating world metropolis. Overlook the city from the imposing Cairo Tower or marvel at the mummy hall in the new Egyptian Museum of Civilization. In Saqqara, visit the tomb pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser, then the gigantic pyramids of Giza are waiting you. In Luxor, you have the opportunity to explore the breath-taking temples and the mysterious Valley of the Kings. A felucca ride on the Nile with a visit to Banana Island is necessary on this exotic trip.

To see these historical destinations from the prism of a local eye, please contact Egypt Tours and Travel or visit our website

By Suryeon