What Are the Best Creeks in Mallorca

Many people love to spend their holidays in Mallorca because of the beautiful scenery, which is more because of its beautiful creeks. Creeks adorn the majority of Mallorca, although the city is filled with lots of beautiful beaches.

For people that are seeking to go on a vacation in a location that is filled with beautiful water bodies, then  Mallorca is an ideal place, and some of the creeks there include:

1.  Cala Mondrago

Cala Mondrago is an inlet in Mallorca that has two beaches around it and is enclosed by two cliffs. It is a beautiful place to view the beach and experience the water bodies of Mallorca. If you want to spend some time here and reserve a hotel, Zenhotels will be of help. When there are no storms, this waterbody is elegant to view, not very deep.

2.  Cala de Sa Font

You will find one of the quietest Spanish beaches here, a beautiful place near the holiday town of Ratjada. The place is very quiet and peaceful, although it has a beach club and some apartments for visitors. Cala de Sa font was once a fishing village, but fishermen are not there anymore as it has given way to tourists who want to explore.

3.  Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards is an attractive place in Mallorca with one of the most beautiful sceneries you will see in the city. The fishing boats are brightly painted, and the Cala is filled with snorkeling canes and rocky sides. There are just a few houses in this creek, and most of them are deserted. Most of the people that are seen there are visitors.

4.  Island of Cabrera

This island has strict rules, and you have to obtain a permit to enter there, which makes it unique. Only about 50 boats are allowed at any given time on the island, and speed boats are also not allowed.

It is here that you will see a lot of birds that you may not see anywhere around Mallorca. The place is effectively guided, which somehow makes it isolated from outside the world.

5.  Cala Pi

Cala Pi is one of the oldest Ace in Mallorca, and although it is popular, it is not all that developed. Cala Pi has crystal clear water, and you can get panoramic views from this Cala. Many people who have visited this place have said that it is worth visiting because of the serenity and the historical sites found there, such as the Capocorb Vell.

6.  Cala de la Calobra

Cala de la Calobra is a beautiful inlet with mountains that look wild. There is a hotel and a Cafe for tourists who are usually brought there using ferries in this place. Two golden beaches are near this Cala, and it has an elegant scene, making it an ideal place for pictures.

The following have been mentioned above: Cala de la Calobra, Cala Pi, and others are some of the best creeks in Mallorca that every traveling enthusiast should try and visit.