Why Questo Is A Must Have For Any City Explorer ?

As the world slowly opens back up to the activity, many of us are eager to go out and visit new places. Questo is a new mobile app designed to make your visit to any major city so much more interesting and rewarding. If you are going to a city as a tourist or for the first time, Questo app mobile is perfect for you.

What Exactly Is Questo ?

Questo is an application for mobile devices that is designed for city exploration. It offers walking tours of cities in the form is missions and games. There are riddles and clues you must solve as you go along. Completing a level in the app leads you to new places in the real world, with interesting facts and history about each place included. The app currently supports over 100 cities, including Amsterdam, Bangkok, Chicago, Mexico City, Dublin, Singapore, Marseille, and many more.

How To Use It ?

Questo is affordable and good value, each game only costs about 5 pounds per person. The games are interactive, and there is multiplayer support, so you can play with friends, family, or colleagues.

The objective is to solve riddles and use clues from your surroundings to complete challenges, known as quests. All this is integrated into a virtual tour guide which will lead you to the tourist attractions and historical places in the city you are exploring.

The app is always available and each quest is fully tailored to the attractions and best spots in any of the over 100 cities in its database. All you have to do is walk to the designated starting places for the tour and you are good to go. There are no time requirements, so you can pause the game whenever to eat and rest and continue later.

Fun games for everyone

You can plan your schedule around the missions, to get the most out of your tour. The games are good fun for anyone, whether it is a group of friends looking for a fun group activity, a couple in a romantic getaway, families with children, or travelers and globetrotters adding another city to their list.

By Suryeon